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Special One-day Symposium: 20 Years of the Jacob P. Waletzky Award

On November 16, 2023, the NIDA-IRP will be hosting a special symposium celebrating 20 years of the Jacob P. Waletzky award. The Jacob P. Waletzky Award is given by the Society for Neuroscience to an early career scientist  whose independent research has led to significant conceptual and empirical contributions to the understanding of drug addiction…. [Read More]

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High-precision mapping reveals the structure of odor coding in the human brain

Hot Off the Press – September 2023 Published in Nature Neuroscience by Thorsten Kahnt, et al. Summary Odorous molecules evoke distributed patterns of activity in olfactory cortices but how these patterns map onto inherently subjective odor percepts has remained unclear. In this study, Sagar and colleagues addressed this question by collecting high-resolution neural and perceptual… [Read More]

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Anterior hypothalamic parvalbumin neurons are glutamatergic and promote escape behavior

Featured Paper of the Month – January 2024
Published in Current Biology by Brenton Laing and Yeka Aponte, et al. of the NIDA IRP Neuronal Circuits and Behavior Section.

Using techniques including in vivo functional imaging, behavioral paradigms, and neuronal tracing, Laing et al. investigated a small population of parvalbumin neurons in the anterior hypothalamic area (AHAPV).

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