Clinical Research Nurse [GS-610-12 Two (2) positions]

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The Senior Clinical Research Nurse manages the clinical and administrative operations in coordination with all nursing staff at NIDA IRP. The Senior Clinical Research Nurse supports continuity of care through the identification, evaluation, development, and scheduling of nursing personnel. This position advises the Office of the Clinical Director leadership of changes needed in scheduling, staffing, business/medical process, and therapy to deliver consistent, efficient, and effective services.


  • Performs delegated administrative and committee work and identifies administrative issues among staff in the practice area.
  • Assess, plan, perform, and evaluate nursing care for individuals who are participants in research protocols, their families and significant others.
  • Identify opportunities for the program to improve support of complex patients participating in research.
  • Administer research interventions accurately and precisely, collects patient data according to protocol specifications and evaluates patient’s response to therapy.
  • Develop and implement educational programs or processes to improve clinical practice and aligns these with organizational goals.
  • Record research data such as clinical measurements, administration of a research compound, participant responses in approved source documents i.e., the medical record, data collection sheet.


Conditions of Employment

  • U.S. Citizenship requirement or proof of being a U.S. National must be met by closing date.
  • Employment is subject to the successful completion of a background investigation, verification of qualifications, completion of onboarding forms, submission of required documents, and any other job-related requirement before or after appointment.
  • Applicants must meet all qualification requirements by the closing date of this announcement.
  • Males born after December 31, 1959 must be registered with the Selective Service.
  • Current, active, full and unrestricted license, or registration as a professional nurse from a state, the District of Columbia, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, or a territory of the United States is required.
  • Position requires Education (Please provide supporting documentation).
  • This position is designated as Tier I – Emergency Essential.


You qualify at the GS-13 level, if you meet one of the following qualification requirements:

A. A graduate or higher level degree, bachelor’s degree, associate degree, or diploma from an accredited professional nursing educational program. NOTE: Degree from a Foreign Nursing School: Official certification from the Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools is required for individuals who graduated from foreign nursing schools.


B. You must have passed the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN) or you obtained licensure before the implementation of the NCLEX-RN. Individuals who have not passed the NCLEX-RN, but meet all other qualification requirements will be subject to a comprehensive evaluation of both their education and experience prior to final appointment.


C. Possess a current, active, full and unrestricted license, or registration as a professional nurse from a State, the District of Columbia, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, or a territory of the United States.

Additional Qualifications:

You must demonstrate in your resume at least one (1) year of qualifying experience equivalent to at least the GS-12 level in the Federal service obtained in either the private or public sector, performing the following types of tasks: develop plans to address comprehensive complex research participant needs including education, safety, comfort, and spirituality; assesses complex and sensitive health education needs in individual research participant populations with like conditions, protocols or other characteristics; coordinate and facilitate the collection of research specimens to meet study requirements and assure accurate, valid clinical data; provide patient-focused nursing leadership within an interdisciplinary team and create a plan of care that balances clinical care needs with research needs and set priorities and organizes complex assignments and unit activities.

You will receive credit for all experience material to the position, including experience gained in religious, civic, welfare, service, and organizational activities, regardless of whether you received pay.

Do not copy and paste the duties, specialized experience, or occupational assessment questionnaire from this announcement into your resume as that will not be considered a demonstration of your qualifications for this position.

Preview assessment questionnaire before you apply:


This position has an education requirement. You are strongly encouraged to submit a copy of your transcripts (or a list of your courses including titles, credit hours completed and grades). Unofficial transcripts will be accepted in the application package. Official transcripts will be required from all selectees prior to receiving an official offer. Click here for information on Foreign Education.

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